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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Shame on me

Shame on me for not posting in a regular basis...no excuse..just didn't write anything.  This has been busy time as now preparing craft show to do with my talented, very creative daughter in law.  Thw show will be on Nov. 15th at the Cleburne, TX center.  I will be featuring crocheted cottong dish cloths and hanging towels  I am such a fan of hanging towels and could rarely find one so finally had a flickering light bulb moment and began making my own.l  Then, friends said....OMG....I love those and now have sold several.  I prefer using a heavier towel and acrylic yarns.  Here is picture of pair just sold....never fear, there a many more to choose from...especially after I place them in my Etsy Shop.  Come visit my shop


Am not a super duper picture taker but you can get an idea from the above pictures.  Have been making them in many colors. to match your decors...what fun working with colors.

My other projects are knitting/crocheting baby items to be given to hospitals along with adult beanies for homeless/veterans, cancer patients and nursing home patients.  This brings  heart warming pleasure.  I belong to 2 groups that partake in these projects.  IJ,,,posting a sample here..hope you enjoy while post this and back to finishing another towel.  Toodles for now.

Friday, November 8, 2013

That Time of Year

It's that time of year, creating and designing items for Christmas presents.  Today I posted 3 new items in my Etsy Shop that are perfect for Christmas.  As the song goes...."It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year."  I look forward to making items for family and friends, family gathering for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

 My family loves the old fashioned traditions and keep it in that manner every year. Foods are homemade while I am responsible for deviled eggs, homemade loaves of white bread plus wonder cinnamon/raisin bread.  That is always a hit with my family.  We range from 15 and more at each event.  
Here is picture of couple items added today perfect for decorations on your Christmas Tree.

One year gave my family personalized Christmas ornaments and that was a major hit while another year gave them decoupaged coasters.  Another hit.  Dear oh dear....what shall I do this year....that is a big question mark.

I promised to show you picture of jewelry box have been working on.....here it is...very raw, but nearly done when adding the final 2 coats of sealer.  What do you think or this?  Neat...right???? That has been created using 4 wood boxes made like books.  Each level is drawer to hold pretties.  

Enjoy todays ramblings while I get back to putting on my creative hat.   If I can stay away from my Kindle EReader.  Now that I can "borrow" books from local library...am reading and reading.  Hugs to all.  Hey, don't forget to leave me some comments.  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Hobby Lobby Day

I love going to Hobby Lobby and spending an hour or more just wandering the aisles, checking out all the beautiful items. This is when I get some of my best decorating ideas. Lately, the Christmas ornaments are like a feast for my creative juices. It is such fun picking out ornaments that will be perfect decorations for my boxes. Today I bought two shoes to use as box toppers. I have also used beautiful butterfly ornaments for box toppers. Here are some examples of my boxes decorated with ornaments.

Now...just how are adorable are those boxes? The pink box is being used to hold bath powder while adding decoration to the master bath. The turquoise box with the shoe topper was used by a friend to hold her daughter's birthday present. The butterfly box will be shipped first of the week to a friend that lives in Minnesota. She ordered it to use for her bath powder. The boxes are embellished with a combination of acrylic paints, decoupaged paper napkins and wrapping paper, jewel accents, and then finished with acrylic sealer to preserve box condition.

The next box shows an ornament that has been taken apart and used to enhance the center of the beautiful lace trim.

These are just a few examples of using your imagination. For me it has become a fun game looking for new and unusual items for trims.  

At Hobby Lobby the ornaments are all selling for 40% off. Time to grab your coat, wear a hat if having bad hair day, and shop, shop, shop.

The weekend is upon us so go do something that just makes you feel good.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Crafting Partner

I believe everyone needs a crafting partner and mine just happens to be a lovable, furry darling. For nearly 14 years mine was Rufus, the most loving cat any person could have. He was my constant companion, always at my feet and a super warm cuddler when it was nap time on my comfy couch. He also loved to wander among ribbons and sit in baskets while I worked. Here's a picture from three years ago when I was creating fancy hats for the chorus (the hats were to be worn by all singers during the song "Put on Your Sunday Clothes" from Hello Dolly). Rufus is now controlling all the kitties in Kitty Heaven.  

Being without a furry partner is just no fun at all. Now I have a sweet, fluffy white dog named Buttons. Little white fluffy dogs just grab my heart and I can't resist them. This sweetie was found running in the streets and we were unable to locate his owner. When I found him he was just 12 weeks old. How can you not love this guy? Again, everywhere I go here comes my darling Buttons. He is a Maltese that I seem to have trouble training to be the good doggie that lets you know when it's potty time. He loves going out, waving his white fluffy tail at everyone....sort of saying....Hi, look at me....I'm gorgeous. WELL....he loves the outdoors but can't get it through his little head that he should potty outside not inside. Here is a picture of my Buttons who is constant companion and loves riding in car hoping other drivers will look at him. Just love him. Say hello to Buttons.
Have a wonderful, sunny day as I now leave you to go sing with my chorus while we entertain at nursing home.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Back sharing my creations with you

Seems like forever since last posting on this blog.  Just after my last posting we had a family tragedy and I sort of crawled into a hole. 

 Well.....have come up and out of that hole again designing and creating while  loving the creative side of me.  There are  pictures attached showing off the latest creatons to give you examples of my work.  Have become huge fan of decoupage and how it can change a simple, boring piece into an item of beauty. I do browse the internet looking for lovely papers to be used in decoupage. While browsing have learned that there is large community of decoupage artist in Europe and Asia and they seem to have access to the most beautiful papers.  I do recommend  this site for decoupage papers that will make your project come to life.  

 Am currently working on a 4 drawer box made of wood and each drawer is like a book...how cool it that! In couple days will place picture of the box for your viewing. This box is in shades of purple and each paper coordinates making this a beautiful piece to set on your dresser.

Have also created many beautiful boxes with paint, decoupage and sweet trims.  Every one I do is such a pleasure and makes my heart happy when looking at the finished product. The first box you will see remind me of two things....either New Orleans or show girl wearing her fascinator. Am posting pictures here of some of the boxes that you will really like.

I have now opened a shop in Etsy and placed link that  you will be able to check out my shop. Just know you will find something to purchase for your home or that special friend. Remember the decorated boxes will liven up any office cubical.

Take at look at these:  

Check out my Esty shop...something there for everyone. 
 Have a sunshine day

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What A Musical Week


What a soothing pleasure coming home from the most amazing,  musical convention and rest my tootsies on my furry babies.  They were so ready for me to return home, getting back to spoiling them even more.

Let me tell you about my week....it was just fantastic.  I spent the week in Houston, TX with son, daughter in law and about 15,000 Sweet Adeline's who gathered from around the world.  You don't know what are the Sweet Adeline's....well, that is women's barbershop harmony singing. (Four part harmony)  There were quartets and chorus's competing from all over this world. 

Music seems to be the one factor that will unite people from around the world no matter what is their native language.  What delight to the ears listening to all the competitors, holding your breath at their awesome performances, beautiful costumes and OMG...makeup that made even the oldest appear to not even have any lines/wrinkles.  Yep, I must get some of that.  Think is made by Ben Nye, a well know theatrical makeup. Songs performed ran the range from Red, Red Robin Comes Bobbin Along to the amazing Bohemian Rhapsody.  Queen would have been proud of that quarter. Plus I am major fan of Queen.  Isn't that a kick seeing I am a much older woman?

I was a Sweet Adeline beginning in 1969 while living in Houghton Lake, MI and attended several conventions but dropped out in the late 70's.  Being single Mom and working didn't allow much extra time for my love of singing. At this convention met several who had been active back when I was a member and made many new friends from around the country.  There is just something about a Sweet Adeline that radiates kindness and warmth.  Even was on stage singing with the family chorus.  Major thrill for me to share this with my daughter in law.

The quartets and chorus's all sing in four part harmony and I was introduced to the very talented women that are from the quartet named Reflections.  Get this...I sing in a chorus in Dallas, TX named Reflections.  My darling daughter in law belongs to that quartet along with Ann, Bonnie and Kathy. These four ladies just seemed to take me under their wing.  Even taught me to sing bass doing tags. Just want to hug them all. They will be an up and coming quartet as their voices that have a lovely, inspiring blend. Now I am more careful listening to any song that may work well for their voices.

It was so difficult for that week to come to an end, board the plane and return to reality. But have long, living memories along with cd's of the Scottsdale Chorus and fun male quartet named Storm Front.  Look them up on You Tube...you will like their sound and comedy.

Stay in touch and will tell you more about the music, costumes, how to dress and wear makeup to enhance our selves.

Hugs to all that read this blog......Merrytoday

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pink, lacy box for new little girl

Just finished another memory box that is in shades of pink with dash of white, purple and yellow.  It was special order and will deliver it in the morning.  There is just something about creating anything for a baby...warms my heart with joy for the newborn.  Here are some pictures.  I know, terrible as they were taken with my cell phone.  Think need to take class called great pictures, with phones/cameras for dummies.

This is the bare box
 Finished box looking very girly
 Inside of box...you know every girl love a rose
 Cute knob added to top of box
 View of box but look at the beautiful lace...it is gorgeous with the shape of roses and little pearls tucked in the roses.  Perfect for little girl.  Found this lace at Hobby Lobby and hurrah...had a 40% off coupon.
This is what have been doing this week.  Friday have another art painting class so watch what I write about the fun time. 
Hugs to all that read this blog......Merrytoday