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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Back sharing my creations with you

Seems like forever since last posting on this blog.  Just after my last posting we had a family tragedy and I sort of crawled into a hole. 

 Well.....have come up and out of that hole again designing and creating while  loving the creative side of me.  There are  pictures attached showing off the latest creatons to give you examples of my work.  Have become huge fan of decoupage and how it can change a simple, boring piece into an item of beauty. I do browse the internet looking for lovely papers to be used in decoupage. While browsing have learned that there is large community of decoupage artist in Europe and Asia and they seem to have access to the most beautiful papers.  I do recommend  this site for decoupage papers that will make your project come to life.  

 Am currently working on a 4 drawer box made of wood and each drawer is like a book...how cool it that! In couple days will place picture of the box for your viewing. This box is in shades of purple and each paper coordinates making this a beautiful piece to set on your dresser.

Have also created many beautiful boxes with paint, decoupage and sweet trims.  Every one I do is such a pleasure and makes my heart happy when looking at the finished product. The first box you will see remind me of two things....either New Orleans or show girl wearing her fascinator. Am posting pictures here of some of the boxes that you will really like.

I have now opened a shop in Etsy and placed link that  you will be able to check out my shop. Just know you will find something to purchase for your home or that special friend. Remember the decorated boxes will liven up any office cubical.

Take at look at these:  

Check out my Esty shop...something there for everyone. 
 Have a sunshine day

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