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Saturday, September 24, 2011

My furry partner in design

Love my big, furry Rufus.  While creating over 25 hats for a show happened to catch picture of him sitting among the silk flowers that were on the living room floor.  He is a mere 18 lbs, waddles when he walks and the most loving kitty.  Rufus is now 12 years old and admit fear when the day comes when he goes to kitty heaven.  No need for an alarm clock...he does that for me.  Usually around 7 am he will jump on the bed, begin to meow, butting his head against my face...and keeps it up until I do waken and get out of bed. 

Here is picture of my loveable, very furry Rufus.  What's not to love about this face?
Hugs to all that read this post....Merrytoday

1 comment:

tiana said...

Aww your cat is so adorable