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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pink, lacy box for new little girl

Just finished another memory box that is in shades of pink with dash of white, purple and yellow.  It was special order and will deliver it in the morning.  There is just something about creating anything for a baby...warms my heart with joy for the newborn.  Here are some pictures.  I know, terrible as they were taken with my cell phone.  Think need to take class called great pictures, with phones/cameras for dummies.

This is the bare box
 Finished box looking very girly
 Inside of box...you know every girl love a rose
 Cute knob added to top of box
 View of box but look at the beautiful lace...it is gorgeous with the shape of roses and little pearls tucked in the roses.  Perfect for little girl.  Found this lace at Hobby Lobby and hurrah...had a 40% off coupon.
This is what have been doing this week.  Friday have another art painting class so watch what I write about the fun time. 
Hugs to all that read this blog......Merrytoday

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scott the old son said...

Nicely done...