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Saturday, October 29, 2011

What A Musical Week


What a soothing pleasure coming home from the most amazing,  musical convention and rest my tootsies on my furry babies.  They were so ready for me to return home, getting back to spoiling them even more.

Let me tell you about my week....it was just fantastic.  I spent the week in Houston, TX with son, daughter in law and about 15,000 Sweet Adeline's who gathered from around the world.  You don't know what are the Sweet Adeline's....well, that is women's barbershop harmony singing. (Four part harmony)  There were quartets and chorus's competing from all over this world. 

Music seems to be the one factor that will unite people from around the world no matter what is their native language.  What delight to the ears listening to all the competitors, holding your breath at their awesome performances, beautiful costumes and OMG...makeup that made even the oldest appear to not even have any lines/wrinkles.  Yep, I must get some of that.  Think is made by Ben Nye, a well know theatrical makeup. Songs performed ran the range from Red, Red Robin Comes Bobbin Along to the amazing Bohemian Rhapsody.  Queen would have been proud of that quarter. Plus I am major fan of Queen.  Isn't that a kick seeing I am a much older woman?

I was a Sweet Adeline beginning in 1969 while living in Houghton Lake, MI and attended several conventions but dropped out in the late 70's.  Being single Mom and working didn't allow much extra time for my love of singing. At this convention met several who had been active back when I was a member and made many new friends from around the country.  There is just something about a Sweet Adeline that radiates kindness and warmth.  Even was on stage singing with the family chorus.  Major thrill for me to share this with my daughter in law.

The quartets and chorus's all sing in four part harmony and I was introduced to the very talented women that are from the quartet named Reflections.  Get this...I sing in a chorus in Dallas, TX named Reflections.  My darling daughter in law belongs to that quartet along with Ann, Bonnie and Kathy. These four ladies just seemed to take me under their wing.  Even taught me to sing bass doing tags. Just want to hug them all. They will be an up and coming quartet as their voices that have a lovely, inspiring blend. Now I am more careful listening to any song that may work well for their voices.

It was so difficult for that week to come to an end, board the plane and return to reality. But have long, living memories along with cd's of the Scottsdale Chorus and fun male quartet named Storm Front.  Look them up on You Tube...you will like their sound and comedy.

Stay in touch and will tell you more about the music, costumes, how to dress and wear makeup to enhance our selves.

Hugs to all that read this blog......Merrytoday


Kathy B said...

I know your voices are beautiful you should make a cd. Stopping by to say Hi from the blog hop. Come visit sometime, tea is cold and no shoes are required. Kathy B. http://www.southernmadeintheshade.blogspot.com New follower from Austin TX

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