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Friday, November 8, 2013

That Time of Year

It's that time of year, creating and designing items for Christmas presents.  Today I posted 3 new items in my Etsy Shop that are perfect for Christmas.  As the song goes...."It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year."  I look forward to making items for family and friends, family gathering for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

 My family loves the old fashioned traditions and keep it in that manner every year. Foods are homemade while I am responsible for deviled eggs, homemade loaves of white bread plus wonder cinnamon/raisin bread.  That is always a hit with my family.  We range from 15 and more at each event.  
Here is picture of couple items added today perfect for decorations on your Christmas Tree.

One year gave my family personalized Christmas ornaments and that was a major hit while another year gave them decoupaged coasters.  Another hit.  Dear oh dear....what shall I do this year....that is a big question mark.

I promised to show you picture of jewelry box have been working on.....here it is...very raw, but nearly done when adding the final 2 coats of sealer.  What do you think or this?  Neat...right???? That has been created using 4 wood boxes made like books.  Each level is drawer to hold pretties.  

Enjoy todays ramblings while I get back to putting on my creative hat.   If I can stay away from my Kindle EReader.  Now that I can "borrow" books from local library...am reading and reading.  Hugs to all.  Hey, don't forget to leave me some comments.  

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