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Friday, October 25, 2013

Hobby Lobby Day

I love going to Hobby Lobby and spending an hour or more just wandering the aisles, checking out all the beautiful items. This is when I get some of my best decorating ideas. Lately, the Christmas ornaments are like a feast for my creative juices. It is such fun picking out ornaments that will be perfect decorations for my boxes. Today I bought two shoes to use as box toppers. I have also used beautiful butterfly ornaments for box toppers. Here are some examples of my boxes decorated with ornaments.

Now...just how are adorable are those boxes? The pink box is being used to hold bath powder while adding decoration to the master bath. The turquoise box with the shoe topper was used by a friend to hold her daughter's birthday present. The butterfly box will be shipped first of the week to a friend that lives in Minnesota. She ordered it to use for her bath powder. The boxes are embellished with a combination of acrylic paints, decoupaged paper napkins and wrapping paper, jewel accents, and then finished with acrylic sealer to preserve box condition.

The next box shows an ornament that has been taken apart and used to enhance the center of the beautiful lace trim.

These are just a few examples of using your imagination. For me it has become a fun game looking for new and unusual items for trims.  

At Hobby Lobby the ornaments are all selling for 40% off. Time to grab your coat, wear a hat if having bad hair day, and shop, shop, shop.

The weekend is upon us so go do something that just makes you feel good.

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