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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Crafting Partner

I believe everyone needs a crafting partner and mine just happens to be a lovable, furry darling. For nearly 14 years mine was Rufus, the most loving cat any person could have. He was my constant companion, always at my feet and a super warm cuddler when it was nap time on my comfy couch. He also loved to wander among ribbons and sit in baskets while I worked. Here's a picture from three years ago when I was creating fancy hats for the chorus (the hats were to be worn by all singers during the song "Put on Your Sunday Clothes" from Hello Dolly). Rufus is now controlling all the kitties in Kitty Heaven.  

Being without a furry partner is just no fun at all. Now I have a sweet, fluffy white dog named Buttons. Little white fluffy dogs just grab my heart and I can't resist them. This sweetie was found running in the streets and we were unable to locate his owner. When I found him he was just 12 weeks old. How can you not love this guy? Again, everywhere I go here comes my darling Buttons. He is a Maltese that I seem to have trouble training to be the good doggie that lets you know when it's potty time. He loves going out, waving his white fluffy tail at everyone....sort of saying....Hi, look at me....I'm gorgeous. WELL....he loves the outdoors but can't get it through his little head that he should potty outside not inside. Here is a picture of my Buttons who is constant companion and loves riding in car hoping other drivers will look at him. Just love him. Say hello to Buttons.
Have a wonderful, sunny day as I now leave you to go sing with my chorus while we entertain at nursing home.

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