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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hats made the show

I belong to a wonderful group called Reflections Community Chorus and entertain at senior centers, assisted living and nursing homes.  We did the song Put On Your Sunday Clothes from Hello Dolly. Here are the hats I designed to be worn during that song.  They brought many smiles and we all enjoyed wearing the hats. Most of the hats were found in thrift stores and even many of the lace & silk flowers used to give them their Sunday look.  The charming lady that's wearing hats in these pictures is a true treasure.  She is a paper mache hat model from the 1800s and I call her Madame...perfect name for she is so elegant sitting on dresser in my bedroom.

I still love wearing hats and do when going to church or functions where people are dressed in lovely attire. I did attend a book review luncheon Tuesday and naturally wore hat to compliment my attire.  Amazing how many compliments you get when wearing a hat.  On Easter Sunday decorated hat to coordinate with my outfit and even the Minister said "I love your hat"...that was a wow and blessed moment.

There were over 25 created and I felt each hat was so personal to me....they were created with love and joy. 

Enjoy this small selection of the hats and think how lovely you would feel having one to adorn your head.

Hugs to all reading this blog....Merrytoday

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Sandi said...

You are very talented!! Enjoy your blog.