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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Art Class and More

Art class was certainly more successful the second time.  In watercolor I did a beautiful, large butterfly.  The wings on butterfly ended up looking like stained glass...loved that.  Teacher said I seem to like doing detaining. mmmm, really hadn't thought about detailing, she could be right. Will try to get my scanner working so you will be able to see the end result.  Admit, was so tense with fear of failure in beginning of class, but left smiling and eager for next one to be in 2 weeks. That class may be doing tulips or a seascape.  Those are two of my favorite items to get very creative with and placing on paper, wood...whatever is handy.

Found picture of one of my early birdhouses and hope you enjoy.  This was delightful painting in blue, yellow and white.  I only have this picture but you will be able to see the rose inside the house.  Had to use a very small brush to get the rose inside and do feel that gave it the finishing touch.
 Hugs to all that read this post.....Merrytoday

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