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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Memory Box for all ages

Here is the beginning of something, but just not sure what….so, as my brain takes in the newness of blogging will just type here whatever words come to mind.  You know our English teachers would tell us that isn’t the way as we should be careful with wording and phrasing. 

I am being sort of careful just being here.
For years have had good eye for color and have been able to put my homes together with colors that compliment each other while comfortable for my family and any guests that appear at our door. Never tried to paint except on the walls and even a two story house.  For me paint on the walls give room freshness and new personality….I am all for the new personality.  

So it does make me sad while living in an apartment and not allowed to paint the walls.  I use color in pillows, bedding, rugs, pictures to give the apartment personality. Now I paint and do designs on wood, fabric…anything that doesn’t move.  I will be adding some pictures for you to view items have created. 
It gives me great pleasure to take a blank piece of wood and bring it to life with colorful paint.  

For several years have been selling my creative items at craft shows. Attached are few items you will enjoy and think that they were completed with love and joy.  This is a memory box…we all need memory boxes as each day brings us memories to keep and share. Remember, it's never to late to begin filling your memory box.

Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment.

 Large box done in yellows, pinks, greens & lavenders

Inside cover of the memory box.  OK, I do need to get better at taking pictures.  Promise to do that before posting another picture.

 Hugs to all that read this blog....Merrytoday

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