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Monday, September 26, 2011

Love finding deals

This was such a fantastic deal found on http://www.yugster.com/ for a mere $20.00.  It has 260 items for me to begin playing with when creating a design. The kit includes, pastel pencils, oil paint pencils, drawing pencils, pencil sharpner, erasers and thank goodness, a how to book.  What will the design be?????   Lordy, I have no clue as will just take blank paper and let my creative juices come alive.

On the 30th am taking a beginners class working in pastels..won't that be interesting!  Years ago took watercolor classes from wonderful artist/teacher named Marge Brichler.  She was able to take me from a nothing painter to a sort of painter.  That was nearly 20 years ago and hadn't done any watercolor since then.  WELL....2 weeks ago did sign up for watercolor class and for me...what a disaster.  After seeing my completed painting it really looked like my pre-school great grand son had done the painting.  I wanted to cry at the end result.

I have done so much decorative painting...all self taught so stay tuned and will possibly show you results of what I create with this artist kit.

Hugs to all that read this.....Merrytoday

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