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Friday, September 30, 2011

Off to art class

This will be my second art class and OMG...may I be better than the first one.  I was terrible and felt like crying.  Have been doing decorative painting for years and flunked watercolor class....go figure.

First is small birdhouse painted in navy and white.  Love the freshness of that color combination.  It now adorns itself on small table at my front door.

About 10 years ago I began getting serious with paints, bucket of water and various brushes.  For long time my projects were birdhouses and loved them.  They are an excellent pallet for decorative painters as you can just do anything to them and they are beautiful.  Am attaching couple of my birdhouses.  I even painted tons of large planters and they are gracing patios near where I live.

 Birdhouse done in eggplant color with pink/white roses.  There is just something about a rose we all love.  It also is on table at front door. Next is a plain plastic, clay colored planter that I did in red, yellow, white and naturally, green leaves. 

Lastly, this little gem of birdhouse was based in soft yellow, purple flowers and added the welcome words.  This does sit in bookcase in my dining area. All items have been painted with Delta Paints...my fav for painting.

Those are just few samples of what I do while sitting in lazy boy chair, facing television, drinking coffee/diet coke and playing with paint.

Today need to get serious and work on 3 duck decoys.  Promised to have them done for friend and he will be returning from West Virginia in just one week.  What is there about putting things off until last possible minute?  Have become a pro with that addiction.

OK...getting ready for class and will let you know the results.

Hugs to all that read this blog....Merrytoday

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